The Magician

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By Hélène Cardona.


Good night, the mellifluous whisper

catches me like a vine,

wraps itself around my will.

I stare at violet eyes,

unanswered prayer,

key to the music room.

I slip out of mind,

sucked into the flower fairy.

I become a dream.


The snowcapped mountains blend

into clouds, brushed by wind like whitened

sand, haunted Indian landscape,

hypnotic, soothsayer, all

the faces buried there, sculpted

alive, shape shifting, urging

me, remember who you are,

step outside of time,

choose to feed the white wolf.


I lie in darkness

engulfed by angels’ music,

intoxicated with lavender.

All is light and legend.

I sink deeper, circle higher

until I don’t exist.


Inside tears after rain,

dawn arises, rays

of light flood my wings.

Mist and pain dissolve, I burst

into joy melting down all expectations.


Strange and unusual every circumstance.

The Magician home, I know

my structure remains intact

and refuses to budge.

Thank everyone and everything I’m still here.

The Devil so sweet, I welcome change.

The clock untangled,

at the bottom of the dry slope

cobra, wolf and coyote greet me:

I’m reborn into a Peruvian horse.


This poem was previously published in the multi-award-winning poetry collection by Helene Cardona entitled Dreaming My Animal Selves (Salmon Poetry 2013):