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By Dr Wendy J. Dunn


Red like blood

I plucked a rose

Grasped its beauty close to me

uncaring of its thorns


Blood red

red blood

a petal droplet


from my finger

and pulsed


whilst rose petals scattered

in twilight’s breeze


Beauty thorned

beauty torn

Heart pierced

with grief


All beauty

comes with sorrow

as well as joy

What we hold and love one day

on another day we lose

we live and breathe

the cost of beauty

We live and and breathe

the costs of truth:

of what is

never lost


Petals red

petals drop

one by one

wind blown

far and wide

They scatter in the garden

sorrow and joy

from my finger

I sucked blood:

tasted life


The beat

of my heart

drubbed a song of love

desiring life

not yet the lament


Petals red

red blood

petals drop

one by one


Life’s beauty lasts

but a moment

just a breath of time

but hold it once

despite its wounds

despite its sorrows

despite its cost

it sings

the fall of

Pomegranate seeds.


A note from the poet: This poem was inspired through finding the voice of my character María de Salinas in my yet unpublished novel ‘Falling Pomegranate Seeds: All Manner of Things’ – a work which imagines the life of Katherine of Aragon through María’s eyes.