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Let me to introduce you to a few of the fabulous pieces from the upcoming issue of Backstory. From gangster grannies to broken soldiers, living architecture to the infinite openness of the night sky, there is most certainly something for everyone.

This issue features fascinating tales of memoir, such as ‘Impermanence’; a philosophical reminiscing on the significance of the night-time sky. This piece is a pleasure to read, you won’t be able to help but be pulled into your own memories as it stirs deep feelings of bittersweet nostalgia with its evocative language and romantic imagery.

Then there is ‘Charlotte Millanyage’, a retelling of how a beloved grandmother and feared businesswoman played her hand in the take down of the world’s first female prime minister. You may find yourself both loving and detesting this strong woman and the bold actions she made.

History is reimagined in fictional tales set to real world events, such as that in ‘Anna by Lamplight’, a psychological drama pinched with the supernatural and set in the days following Kristallnacht. Inspired by the film Gaslight, this piece recreates the film noir atmosphere while following a young Jewish woman faced with the reality of Nazis and an abusive husband.

The reality of young men at war is an ugly one, and one that ‘Take Me Home’ encapsulates brilliantly. Your heart will ache as you witness Cadet Williamson forced to face his own mortality after landing in the second wave at Gallipoli. There are no happy endings on the battlefield, and this piece speaks to that magnificently.

Is clever personification your cup of tea? ‘When the History of the Future Burned’ pulls the reader all the way back into 250BC, telling the story of the Library of Alexandria from the unique perspective of the library itself. This piece will tug at your heartstrings as you find yourself empathising with and becoming attached to the building.

This is but a small taste of what is to come. Issue 11 of Backstory is not one to be missed.