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After a multi-faceted career in finance and economics, Melbourne-based author Louise Wilson has returned to her teenage passion for history, mystery and romance. Intrigued by her own First Fleet connection, she’s applied meticulous research skills to bring previously untold aspects of Australia’s fascinating history to life. Of her seven published books, three are acclaimed titles about early convict settlers of the beautiful Hawkesbury district near Sydney. All three have received awards from the independent judges of the Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies. Her eighth book, ‘A Fragrant Memory’, exploring the life of the distinguished scientific botanical artist Margaret Flockton, will soon be published by Wakefield Press. Margaret Flockton’s nephews, Nigel & Stephen Boulton, are the subject of Louise’s most recent book ‘Brothers in Arms’. It’s an emotionally-engaging start-to-finish account of the Great War, told via letters held at the Australian War Memorial. Their father Philip’s story, featured above, sets the scene.