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Belinda Lyons-Lee is an emerging MG, YA and adult author of fiction inspired by 19th century history. She is also partial to adding magic, steam and time travel if the occasion calls for it. Belinda started volunteer work with marginalised young people on the streets when she was 17. Since then she’s become an English teacher who enjoys matching children with the right book and then talking about it endlessly when they’ve finished. She’s been doing this in various secondary schools for over fifteen years. She recently graduated from a Masters of Writing and Literature (majoring in Children’s Literature) from Deakin University. While Belinda has a number of novels under submission with publishers at the moment, she has had numerous short stories published over the years in a variety of forms. Most recently her article titled, ‘What is success as a writer?’ was published in the August/September edition of The Victorian Writer magazine. Travels and connections in the UK and Australia continue to be formative in Belinda’s writing and the history, landscape, architecture and ancient stories of these countries provide ample inspiration. Find her and excerpts from her work at