Movement Over Light

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by Ellen Shelley

The old bones of this house

settled around my feet, called me home. 


In this far from where I grew up place,

I have discovered an architecture. 


The pace of humidity, a steel life of stubbled paths,

a down-town cadence of misty blues & earthy hums. 


A city absorbent enough to hold a fall.


Disaster strengthens.

After floods, tremors & shipwrecks

a town gets up. 


Art is the resurrection.


Chilled-out on sidewalks, cafes & abandoned space. 

Beautifying walls into doorways of painted light,

the murals of a sea. 


Verses passed around like joints 

blowing us into bars, eyes stung with listening. 


The crates of a past 

stacked in loose arrangement

to let in the air.