Transformers, The Haiku

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by Josh Kee


Era of Plastic.

When Raegan Passed new toy laws,

Hasbro wanted stake.


Seeking new concepts,

Hasbro went to the far east, 

And found Takara. 



A joint venture soon unveiled,

Exploding to fame.


Transforming Robots.

Disguised, Hiding their true forms.

Fighting, forever.


Their design, shifting.

From robot to transport form.  

Two-in-one, unique.


There’s Optimus Prime.

Noble, fearless, form of truck.

Autobot Leader.  


Rivals Megatron.

Tyrannical Dictator,

Decepticon Boss.


Cartoon created,

Two machine armies warring,

Children bought more toys. 


Movie was released, 

Prime, slain in one fatal strike.

Audiences mourned.


Next two decades pass.

Dumb director, Michael Bay,

Reboots the Franchise. 


Five films, in ten years.

Pure schlock, market of pre-teens,

Made box office gold.


Even to this day,

Their fight, immortalized by

Plastic and fanboys.


Next time at toy store, 

Buy some for you, or the kids, 

More than meets the eye.